Haruki Murakami “Kafka on the Shore”

If you like to read something unordinary and little bit surreal, then that is a right book for you.

You follow two different story lines; one is narrated by teenage boy. In hopes of finding his lost mother and sister, he leaves his fathers home to escape an oedipal curse, but is it enough?

In a second plot we get acquainted with a bizarre old man, who has lost his memory and ability to read in an early age in a very mysterious incident. But he gained ability to communicate with cats, which is the reason he works part time in his old age as a cat finder. Because of a particular case, he has to go for the very first time away from home to fulfill a special quest.

Kafka on the Shore opens magical and mysterious world. Two very different storylines awake the hunger to seek for answers and find logic, but Murakami shows the whole different reality to the reader, where logic is irrelevant.

You may find this unexplainable world frightening, but there is also something sacred and pure, which makes you feel to be included in a special universe. The whole new world awaits you, where questions turn into a journey.

Karin Raud
Department of Literature in Foreign Languages

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