Lucinda Riley “The Seven Sisters: Maia’s Story”

The story begins with the death of the father of six adopted sisters united by this unique man that has been a mystery throughout the girl’s lives. He was wealthy and adopted six different girls during the years but didn’t get to adopt the seventh, or so it appears. They all had a big home on the shores of Lake Geneva where a woman named Marina took care of the sisters while their father traveled the world. When the girls hear about their father’s death they gather in their home and each get a clue in their adoptive fathers’ will to discover their heritage. 
The clue takes the oldest sister Maia to Rio in Brazil where she discovers a sad love story between her great grandmother and great grandfather during the 1920es. She gets to know the rich history and culture of Brazil and discovers a link between her family and the famous sculpture of Christ the Redeemer on Corcovado mountain in Rio de Janeiro. While discovering her roots she also finds much more to make her life complete. 
This is the first book in the series. It was written well and the author has researched the history of Rio de Janeiro and building of the Christ the Redeemer sculpture thuraly. I was really curious why the book is so popular. Though laced with history it was still a love story. I’m not sure I will read the sequels but this book was a nice read to rest your mind and travel to an interesting place in the process. For those who want to read for the pleasure of reading it is the perfect choice.

London: Pan Books, 2018

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Jaanika Tappo

Department of Literature in Foreign Languages

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