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Bekah O`Neill „Kandinsky: the life and works of Kandinsky: a compilation of works from the Bridgeman Art Library“

This book  was issued in the super series of Bridgeman Art Library. Wassili Kandisky has…

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James Ramsden ”Great British Pub Food”

James Ramsden introduces British Pub culture and food in this colourful cookbook, that offers you…

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Michelle McNamara “I’ll be Gone in the Dark”

An old Estonian proverb says that a good child has many names. As does the…

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Julia Cameron „The artist’s way: a spiritual path to higher creativity“

Julia Camerons The Artist`s Way is a significant book even in the more than twenty…

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Josephine Cutts and James Smith „Van Gogh“

Vincent van Gogh (1853–1890) was a Dutch post-impressionist painter. In his lifetime, he was little…

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„Metsa ja mere vahel. Eesti loodusmaal / Between the Forest and the Sea. Estonian Landscape Painting“

This great art album provides an insight into Estonian landscape painting. It is based on…

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Hilary Bird „TARTU : five walks into history: out and about in the City of Great Ideas“

I recomend a book about Estonian second large city Tartu (about 18o km from Tallinn)….

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Derrick Jensen „A Language Older Than Words“

Derrick Jensen is a writer, ecophilosopher and environment activist. „A Language Older Than Words“  shows…

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Paul Kalanithi „When Breath Becomes Air“

October, and the autumn in general, is probably the most fitting month to be reading…