James Ramsden ”Great British Pub Food”

James Ramsden introduces British Pub culture and food in this colourful cookbook, that offers you much more than just recipes. Ramsden writes about english pub food culture and introduces us to vivid world of beer. Like wines there are also different kinds of beer with different colors, flavours, aftertaste. Each recipe has a small introduction explaining what makes it special. Recipes are quite easy, you don’t have to be a master chef of the kitchen to make delicious meals. There are guidelines which beer suits best for each meal. Photographs of the food are beautiful and they make you want to try them all.

Authors mantra is “keep it simple, keep it tasty” and the recipes suit perfectly for our dark winter nights. Also there is a fun challenge – try to eat spicy chicken wings without licking your fingers!


Pegasus, 2012

Check from the e-catalogue ESTER

Karin Raud
Department of Literature in Foreign Languages

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