Morgan Housel “The Psychology of Money”

This book tries to explain our approach to being rich and the rich. The book is all about a change of mindset and saving money for flexibility.

The book beautifully explains the compounding of money. The book emphasizes the importance of the power of compounding money over time and saving it for unpredictable events. This helps a person not only to be flexible but also to be optimistic about their decisions. The idea behind being rich is to be free to do what you love and to not chase the rich status.

There are five points to consider before deciding to read this book. Firstly, the book will challenge your thoughts about money utilization. It explains what it means to be rich in today’s world. Secondly, the book prepares you for the worst, like economic crises. Thirdly, this book beautifully explains how in today’s world, nothing is free. Fourthly, the book is full of surprises. Finally, the book contains many repetitive instances and this can be boring for some readers.

I would recommend this book for anyone who is chasing luxury or finds it difficult to save money. The book also makes the reader’s thoughts on money more open and mature.


LaVergne : Harriman House, 2020

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Kuch Chadha, Phd
Volunteer in the Department of Literature in Foreign Languages

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