James Clear “Atomic Habits”

This book is an effective tool for establishing useful habits. Simplicity and consistency are key and the author describes this idea beautifully. The human brain tends to learn easy things faster and consistency makes learning more effective. This book describes the process of making bad habits more difficult and good habits easier. This process is the main focus of the book. 

The book emphasizes the value of combining habits and achieving goals. It gives and understanding of the trick behind creating good habits and destroying bad habits. 

There are three points to consider before deciding to read this book. Firstly, the book is clear and focused on how you can make good habits be a part of your day and leave bad habits out of your daily routine. The daily routine is the key to this process without spending much extra effort. Secondly, the book frequently references psychological research as proof, which makes understanding and implementing changes easier and more appealing. Thirdly, however, the author tries to compress the information into a small amount of pages and this can be negative for some readers. 

I would recommend this book to everyone tired of their bad habits. With everything in life, continuing with the correct process is necessary to get desired results. The author gives the reader the process, the paint and the brush to create the painting they want. 


London : Random House Busines Books, 2018

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Kuch Chadha, Phd
Volunteer in the Department of Literature in Foreign Languages

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