Contemporary Architecture in Tallinn : a Guidebook

This pocket-sized book is superb introduction to the Tallinn most interesting buildings. It includes eight journeys via present-day Tallinn and last one  is good excample for buildings outside Tallinn. Every rout has introduction, 10 spots with photos  and a map with spots marked on it. So it is pretty easy to find buildings and to read about them.

The most interesting rout is about Kadriorg, where is situated the President´s Office, constructed in the 1930s. There are situated two religious buildings – the Methodist church and the Synagogue. Beside thouse are two art museums as well – Kadriorg Palace and Kumu Art Museum. For me was most interesting on this rout private residence Mäekalda 13 (page 60). The exterior is quite interesting with its two types of cupper sheet and gable roof. This building is pretty good excample of wealthy architecture in Kadriorg.

Last rout contains buildings from different places in Estonia, for example Estonian National Museum in Tartu, Viljandi Song festival Stage, Estonian Road Museum in small borough Kanepi in the old Varbuse post station and etc.

Estonia is worth to visit and this small book gives some good ideas about buildings and their architecture, where to go and what to see.


Tallinn: Eesti Arhitektuurikeskus, 2017

Check from e-catalogue ESTER.

Katrin Antonenko
Department of Literature in Foreign Languages

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