Mark Carwardine „Extreme Nature: The Weirdest Animals and Plants on the Planet“

This beautiful book is a mind-blowing guide to the weirdest and most remarkable wildlife on our planet.

There are four sections, „Extreme Abilities“, „Extreme Movement“, „Extreme Growth“ and „Extreme Families“. Every species has name, location and ability beside description. On the opposite side is a superb photo about it.

For me the most interesting creatures were African termites, living in sub-Saharan Africa and their ability is creating an air-conditioned multi-storey communal residence. They are called the best architects.

Interesting is as well the largest flower, what is called Rafflesia – Latin name Rafflesia arnoldii. This big flower grows on Borneo and Sumatra and the diameter of the flower is up to 9 m and weight up to 11 kg.

The most formidable predator for me is colossal squid, who lives in deep, cold oceans. This specimen has huge, protruding dinner-plate-sized eyes, what are largest in the world.

And finally quite beautiful tiny frog – golden poison-dart frog, living in rainforests of Columbia, produces the most deadly poison of any animal. The toxin is in its skin, one can die even by touching it.

The author Mark Carwardine is a zoologist, an environmental activist and an award-winning writer. You can visit his website at


London: HarperCollins, 2007

Check from the e-catalogue ESTER.

Katrin Antonenko
Department of Literature in Foreign Languages

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