Haruki Murakami “Kafka on the Shore”

This book is perfect for a reader who is looking for something a little bit extraordinary and surreal.
The storyline consists of two narratives: in the first one, a teenage boy,  afraid of an oedipal curse, runs away from his father´s home, hoping to find his lost mother and sister.
In the second narrative, Murakami introduces a bizarre man who has lost his memory and the ability to read at an early age in a mysterious incident. However, he has gained the ability to communicate with cats. For this reason, he holds a part-time job as a cat finder. One day he goes on a journey away from home- the furthest he has ever been.
„Kafka on the Shore“ unfurls a magical and mysterious world. The book awakes the need to seek answers in the reader, but Murakami shows a whole different reality, where any logic is irrelevant.
You may find this inexplicable world somewhat frightening, but there is also something sacred and pure in this world, which makes you feel  drawn into an extraordinary universe. It is a world in which questions lead to a journey.

London: Vintage Books, 2005

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Karin Raud

Department of Literature in Foreign Languages

and Annika Lindok

the Department of Literature in Estonian

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