Taylor Jenkins Reid “Forever, Interrupted”

This is my first book from the well-known author and based on the current reading experience, I would definitely want to read more from her.

“Forever, Interrupted” tells a story of Elsie and her husband Ben she only gets to be married to for a very short time. The book follows two timelines – current reality in which Elsie has to deal with the grief of Ben’s passing, and the past in which they have just met and get to know each other. They quickly fall in love and decide to get married.

Elsie meets Ben’s mother for the first time only after his passing, and their communication starts on a rather negative note. Decisions need to be made about the funeral, but who has the right to make them – the fresh widow or Ben’s mother who didn’t even know about Elsie? Ana, Elsie’s best friend is there to support and take care of her, but when she finds love, it affects Elsie as well.

Every time there is a shift between the two timelines – coming back to reality from the sweet memories or vice versa, it is really heartbreaking. How to deal with grief and move on with life after such a tragedy? This is a bittersweet love story I really enjoyed reading and recommend to others as well. 


London : Simon & Schuster UK Ltd., 2023

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Mari-Liis Mägi

Librarian at Kännukuke branch library

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