Stephen King “Pet Sematary”

I don’t know what is it with Stephen King’s writing that gets readers hooked until the very end. I guess one could say when you start reading King, you can never go back and unread it. The same goes for “Pet Sematary” now both a movie and reprinted editions of the book.
Although the movie follows the plot, more is explained (like feelings, thoughts, impressions) in the written form.

‘Pet Sematary’, which is written with an error, is a term coined in by children. When pets die they are buried at the local pet cemetery. What is established right away is the location of the cemetery. It is very close to ancient Native American burial grounds. 

The recently moved in Creed family (father Louis, mother Rachel and children Ellie and Gage) is unaware of the predicament. Once Louis and Rachel become aware of the fact they continue living their everyday lives hoping for the best. They even get used to the highway which is dangerously close to their house. 

Over time strange things start happening. Things that are hard to explain to other people or just too bizarre to talk about. As Louis is a man of science (a renowned doctor) he tries to reason and find a logical explanation. His wife however doesn’t share his optimism and wishes to move back. One day their pet cat, Church, is hit by a vehicle near the main road.
Having heard from Jud, their neighbour, that his dog came back to life after being buried at the the Pet Sematary, Louis buries their cat at the cemetery. The next day Church is alive and well, although a litte shaken up, dirty and out of character. It is said that only pets are to be buried at the Pet Sematary but what happens when people are buried there?


Hodder, 2019

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Birgit Kirsipuu
Sääse branch library

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