Stina Jackson „The Silver Road“

In Sweden’s rural town Glimmersträsk a girl suddenly goes missing. No one knows what happened that fateful day when Lina was at the bus stop waiting to go to school. Her father was the last one to see her after he dropped the girl off to the local bus stop. Devastated by the loss and oblivion Lennart, the missing girl’s father, tries to cope but to no avail. He sees her daughter Lina, more like imagines she is still with them. Of course he never mentions that he sees her daughter to other people otherwise he would be deemed a crazy person. His relationship with her wife Anette is beginning to deteriorate. Lennart, also called Lelle, is not about to give up yet. It has only been three years since Lina went missing.

Meja is seventeen, about the same age as Lina would have been if she were living with Lelle and Anette. She moves to the same small town with her mother Silje. Her mother has found yet again a new boyfriend with whom they will move in together. Meja is sick and tired of moving around, this has got to be at least the 25th time already. Every time the story is same ‘Meja, I have great news for us!’ with no change in the outcome. Bags full of belongings again packed in the hallway ‘Don’t worry, we will find a new place to live.’. What Meja does not know is that all small towns hold unimaginable secrets that might seal your fate if you ignore the warning signs beforehand. In that small town everyone is bound to cross the silver road.


Corvus, 2019

Check from the e-catalogue ESTER

Birgit Kirsipuu
Sääse branch library

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