Gerbrand Bakker „Detour“ (US title „Ten White Geese“)

A woman in her midlife is renting an old greystone Welsh farmhouse. She has left everything behind: her career at university, her husband, her parents. From the very beginning it can be sensed that she has her secrets, her own reasons to be in this lone countryside. But we don´t know, we can only guess. There are some vague hints, but they lead us astray. The mystery is slowly unfolding on the background of the beauty of sepia-toned Welsh landscapes and Emily Dickinson`s poems. Are there any limits to the loneliness of human soul? Like Dickinson, the woman is “making the time bearable and less lonely” (p. 67) by gardening and hiking. Under the fabric of her daily routines the story is nearing to its inevitable end.

The clock ticking.

The geese clucking.

The stream rushing.


Vintage Books: London, 2013

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Eha Elmi
Department of Literature in Foreign Languages

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