Jennifer Niven „All the Bright Places“

Theodore Finch is a troublemaker and a misfit. Violet Markey is a popular girl who is still grieving the loss of her sister and has suicidal thoughts. They attend the same school and would not meet in normal circumstances. It takes a chance meeting on the ledge of their high school’s bell tower to meet each other and talk. Theodore convinces Violet to step down from the ledge. By the time they are both safe a large majority of the student body has seen or heard about the suicide attempt. Violet is considered a hero for saving the freak Finch. Theodore on the other hand knows the truth. In the following weeks Theodore attempts to catch Violet’s attention either by being a total weirdo or by putting Violet in the spotlight. Violet hates attention, it was not that way before the car accident. She used to be a cheerleader and a member of the student council. After the car accident, from which Violet escaped with only some minor injuries, she has been wanting to escape Indiana, leave everything behind and move on. It has been a year since the accident. Her parents encourage her to enjoy and continue on living her normal life. Violet is still not over the loss. Here steps in Theodore the delinquent. He scores a school project for both of them much to the annoyance of Violet. They will have to explore Indiana’s woods and parks together. The more Violet learns about Theodore, the farther he distances himself. Do both of them have something to live for?

„All the Bright Places“ book has been adapted into a movie:


Penguin Books, 2015

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