W. Bruce Cameron “A Dog’s Journey: Another Novel for Humans”

The book is a part of a series written from a dog’s perspective. The first book was “A Dog’s Purpose”. It continues in this second book and has another angle. Ethan is in Heaven now, so by logic, Buddy’s purpose should have ended there. Turns out it does not. Buddy sees a new purpose in his new life as Molly.  She needs to protect and make CJ, Ethan’s grandchild happy. The girl has difficult times, mainly because of her bad health and mother, who does not seem to understand her much. Having a dog beside her during all those tough times, seems to make it better. Molly is coming back to CJ in various dog lives to support her in good and bad until the end.

This book is right for the people who love heart-warming stories about our four-pawed friends who always support and protect us. Since I have been a dog owner, this story really touched my soul and while reading the book I had a lot of tearful moments, but only in the best sense of it. People often think that they are the ones who care for their pet, but the reward for that is a million times bigger because of the devoted and loving nature of the dogs. It can even be said that dogs often understand our nature and feelings much more than we do. Although the content of the book is very heart-moving and cute, it is certainly not intended for children. In addition to death the book also contains other serious health problems.

London : Pan Books, 2013

Heidi Hein
Kännukuke Branch Library

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