Holly Bourne “Are We All Lemmings & Snowflakes?”

Holly Bourne is an author to watch! Her insightful books dive deep into important and not that often used subjects which she addresses with a sharp mind, witty humour and friendly warmth.

Current book takes on the often used but still touchy mental health subject. The main character, Olive, suffers Under bipolar disorder. Her episodes have gone totally out of control and she has lost all hope in getting better. Thats where Camp Reset comes in. A new type of experimental therapy where bunch of teens with different mental issues are put into separate building for a certain amount of time. There Olive has a great idea – if they can make the world a better place, they’ll have purpose. It all sounds great but how do you do therapy and save the world when you are not yourself? How do you keep yourself from hurting others when you dont understand their illnesses?

This story is a realistic insight into the mind of a bipolar person filled with great therapy methods and ideas that stay with you for a long time even after finishing it. It’s a story of hope but without diminishing the troubles and issues that stay with people even when they’ve gotten help, when they’ve gotten better. In general – a nice warm read that also manages to widen the knowledge.

London : Usborne, 2018

Check from e-catalogue ESTER.

Mirjam Kaun
Tallinn Central Library
Department of Literature in Estonian

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