Taylor Jenkins Reid “Malibu Rising”

The author Taylor Jenkins Reid has written many popular books. For example “The Seven Husbands of Evelin Hugo” – a story about an actress becoming famous in 1950s Hollywood and Daisy Jones & The Six – a rock band in the 1970s L.A. 
This book tells us a story of a family who have lived through many difficulties and grown closer together because of it. There are four famous siblings who have to cope with the loss of their mother and the abandonment of their father. Their father is a famous singer who decides that fatherhood is not for him. He can not stay faithful to his wife or help raise their children. Their mother, despite all her efforts, can not deal with the fate of having to raise her own three children and his husband’s love child. The kids have to make it on their own and they do.
One night the eldest, Nina, has her annual party that all the L.A celebrities attend. No one is invited, only people who know the address may come. After this particular party no one’s life will ever be the same.
The author has done an excellent job of making the reader feel each of the characters’ feelings. The picture is painted through their eyes so even the actions of the superstar father who walked out on his family are somehow understandable. The story tells us about love, loss, finding yourself again and making the most of life.

London: Hutchinson, 2021

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Jaanika Tappo
Department of Literature in Foreign Languages

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