Stephen King “Billy Summers”

Many readers know Stephen King as the master of horror and action books. I suppose that everyone has read something of his. “Billy Summers” is one of the author’s latest novels, released in 2021. The main characters story differs from many other King’s criminal novels. There are criminal investigations, chasing and an escape persecution. However, in my opinion, the author wrote a good philosophical novel about Billy, who throughout the book reflects his good and bad deeds.
Billy Summers is an assassin and one of the most accurate shooters in the world. He only does the job, where it is necessary to “punish” bad people. In this story, he has to do the last work, after which Summers plans to retire. Nevertheless, many nuances and inconsistencies of the contract haunt him. Billy has to run away from criminals, thinking about his last job and everything he has done in life. Billy is not a bad person, and even among the criminal world, he has good friends and helps other people. One of them is Alice Maxwell, rescued and friended by Billy.
Despite the conclusions of Billy’s personality and life, that the main character himself and his friends appear to have, only readers can really decide, what kind of person Billy Summers is. As in many other Stephen King’s books, you can notice some references to his novel “The Shining” (1977).

London: Hodder & Stoughton, 2021

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Elina Slycko

The Department of Literature in Foreign Languages

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