Joe Abercrombie „A Little Hatred”

This is the first book of the great fantasy trilogy „The age of madness”. The author describes a world, where technology and machines replace manual labor. The poor protest and conspire, but the rich make profit investing in technical progress. At the same time the story is full of endless battles for lands and the opportunity to rule over everything.
There are no main characters in this book. In each chapter, a different person tells their story. For example: Rikke – she can see the future; a rich and narcissistic investor Lady Savine; a lazy and dumb crown prince Orso; a brave and always ready to fight Leo; former warrior and skilled swordsman Jonas Clover, who prefers to sit under trees and enjoy doing nothing, and many others. All characters have their own purposes in life, but soon their destinies intersect to begin a new story of the ever-changing world.
A wide variety of characters and events show that not all changes lead to a better life (no matter how great the purpose is) and dreams of a perfect world can turn into a nightmare. Actually, there is no good and bad in this book, because the same situation is described for the readers through the eyes of different characters. They’ll see how meaningless certain actions and important decisions are, or how an insignificant step can change the whole history.
Joe Abercrombie has written many other interesting fantasy series, which found a lot of positive feedback from readers, other writers and critics. If you have read the series of novels „A Song of Ice and Fire“(*est) by George R. R. Martin, you will definitely enjoy the fantasy worlds of Joe Abercrombie.

London : Gollancz, 2020

Check from e-catalogue:*est

Elina Slycko

Department of Literature in Foreign Languages

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