Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff „Illuminae“

This science fiction audiobook takes the reader right into the world of chaos. Planet is being attacked and everyone must evacuate now! But this is only where the story begins. Space travels, unexpected rivals, soul searching artificial intelligence – this really is just the start of the Illuminae files.

This book is a masterpiece! And not only thanks to the plot but the way it is built up. The physical book in it’s core is bunch of data files and they make the reading very interactive. You have to turn the book upside down. You have to read it in circles. It’s an experience. But even more of an experience is the audiobook with full cast and crazy-good production. Every character has a different voice, you hear all the noises and sounds the characters hear. It’s totally different experience and at times I just had to stop midwalk to handle all information I was getting through the sound.

This book also explores the future in a very interesting way. I liked the way the mind of an AI was depicted. It was very philosophical and made me ponder about brains and the way we think in general. If a book manages to do that it deserves an award in my eyes. The mindset of people in war was also very interestingly depicted.

I would recommend this to every young-adult science-fiction fan out there. It´s thrilling, multidimensional and totally unputdownable.


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Mirjam Kaun
Head Specialist of Youth Service in Department Literature of Estonian

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