Leigh Bardugho „Six of Crows“

Kaz Brekker is a 17 year old young criminal mastermind, who would do anything to achieve his goals. Witty and ruthless, he keeps the streets of Ketterdam in constant fear. Involved in several risky affairs, he always comes clean. Seems like he has lost his ability to feel and the money he gets would not satisfy him. When Kaz receives an opportunity to become as rich as Croesus, he does not think too long. He is determined to carry out the task, even if he needs to do the impossible and break through the most secure prison in the world, which is located in another state – Fjerda.

But such an affair could not be managed by one man, no matter how skilled he is. He definitely needs companions. And he finds them: Inej, Nina, Matthias, Jesper, Wylan. Six of crows, bounded by the common cause. But what makes this book so entertaining to read is that these youngsters could not simply keep it formal. They need to communicate with each other even if they can not stand each other in the beginning. They need to trust each other. And relationship starts to evolve.

„Six of crows“ is a well written young adult fiction with a good plot and difficult personalities. The story might seem a little dark to an unprepared reader, as Bardugho’s characters are desperately trying to cope with their personal trauma. Some of them are already on their way to overcome it, while others are still on their way to make it. Worth mentioning is that the world depicted in the book clearly has some distinct parallels with ours, except that thay have magic, which is depicted as a curious system of special skills and abilities. But if you enjoy reading about risky affairs, contradictory heroes and complicated relationships, then you are most probably going to like this book.


Orion Children’s Books, 2016

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