Sylvain Neuvel „Sleeping Giants“

When Rose was celebrating her 11th birthday she had an accident while riding her bike through the woods. She does not remember much after waking up…she was cruising around the forest, then she reached the valley and after that it is all a blank. Big is her surprise when she is lifted out of the hole by firemen to her much distressed father. Only when she is above ground she sees that the metal on top of which she laid was a gigantic metal palm of a hand. After the incident the military arrived and closed off the area. All mentions and evidence was removed from the site.

Fast forward seventeen years she still has no idea what happened in her childhood. Now having a PhD she is a renown physicist. She is approached by a mysterious man who claims he has the money and resources (from a certain organization) to provide for the inspection of the metal artefact. Rose has been waiting for this opportunity for a long time. She has yearned to solve the mystery behind the metal that seems to possess some unusual properties. The metal is not anything found on Earth, it has the ability to independently fuse together. If humans were not the ones who created these pieces then who could have possibly made them?

In Turkey another huge piece of metal is found once it brought down a stealth helicopter with pilots inside. Kara Resnik was one of the pilots and she claims that the metal junk was responsible for the accident. Suddenly all went white and before they knew it they found themselves in a large crater near the metal, she had said. More pieces are being found all around the world. Pieces that look like body parts of a colossal robot. An ancient device that has yet to exhibit its purpose for being built. With more knowledge comes an undeniable feeling of dread: some things are better left buried in the ground.

Birgit Kirsipuu
Sääse branch library

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