Sylvain Neuvel „Waking Gods“

Themis Files Series 2

„Waking Gods“ is the sequel to „Sleeping Giants“ and the second book of the ’Themis Files’ trilogy.

Another gigantic robot appears on Earth. This time in London and it is not operated by humans. Both the media and Londoners are in a frenzy and governments around the world are on alert. No one could have foreseen what happened next. Uncountable districts were wiped away within seconds by a bright beam.

Themis is dispatched with pilots Vincent Couture and Kara Resnik to counterattack the enemy. Themis is the metal robot assembled by Dr Rose Franklin’s team a few years ago. Rose was assumed dead until last year. Upon being discovered alive in a place she herself would have never travelled to she is once again offered to lead the team. Vincent and Kara have fallen in love and now in the lines of work they will have to relearn the operation systems of Themis. Rose has been having an ominous feeling. The high-tech metal pieces were buried to be forgotten not discovered by humans. She is sure that she is not the Rose Franklin everybody assumes she is. The real Rose Franklin died four years ago and she is only a replacement. Not a good replacement though as she does not have the memories or experiences of the real Rose. Are they even ready for what is about to come? Or can they ever be?

Birgit Kirsipuu
Sääse branch library

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